Dr. Okafor Chinyere graduated from University of Nigeria, Enugu Campus with an MBBS in 2001. A trained Physician in Internal Medicine and obtained a Master`s degree in Public Health in 2013 from University of Nigeria Nsukka. A trained HIV specialist and had been a Consultant Clinician in Adult HIV clinic in UNTH under PEPFAR/APIN/CCCRN from 2008-2016 and a Site coordinator of the center from 2014-2016. Has undergone continuing professional education in teaching methods, public health research and trainings in HIV medicine, mentorship, Grant writing/manuscript writing , research methodology, health policy and management. She has been involved in training doctors and other health personnel in HIV medicine both in UNTH and other HIV pharmaceutical companies. She is a member of the Health Policy and Research group, College of Medicine, University of Nigeria, and formerly a member of the research and ethics committee, Faculty of Basic Medical Sciences, College of Medicine, University of Nigeria and has continued to improve her academic career by participating actively in research and trainings. She is currently a lecturer in the Department of Community Medicine under Epidemiology and Medical Statistics unit. Her research interest is in Public Health /Epidemiology particularly prevention of non-communicable diseases and health promotion strategies, Public Health Physiology and HIV Medicine. She is the course coordinator for the Institute.