Associate professor in the department of Community Medicine, UNN. His specialty is Biosttistics and Medical Demography. He became a statistician on graduation from UNN in 1978, obtained a Master’s degree in Medical Demography from the University of London in 1983 and a diploma from the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine in 1992. He is a Fellow of the Institute of Corporate Administration (FCAI) and a Fellow of the Institute of Industrial Administration. He joined UNN in 1987 as Lecturer 1, was part time lecturer in the University of Jos (1997), the Anambra State University of Science and Technology (1988) and served his sabbatical leave at the Ebonyi State University in 2003 and continued there as an adjunct lecturer for six years. He contributed substantially to the establishment of the MPH programme of the department and subsequently was appointed the pioneer coordinator of the programme. He has been involved in several research projects sponsored by organizations like the Carnegie Corporation of New York, World Bank, WHO, DGID/Paths2 etc. He has consulted with the UNDP, DFID/Paths2, Ebonyi State Action Group on AIDS (EBOSACA), WHO and German Leprosy Relief Organization. He has supervised several undergraduate and post graduate projects, is widely published in national and international journals. He has served in the public sector as Director Planning research and Statistics in the 16 Enugu State Ministry of Health, and was one-time secretary the Enugu State team on prevention of maternal mortality and later acting national chairman of the Nigerian team. His research interests are the application of tools of biostatistics and demography to reproductive health and social medicine.