1. Advisory Board
2. Academic and Research Board
3. Management Team
i. Director
ii. Associate Director
iii. Programme Coordinators of the focal areas of training to be provided by the Institute
a. Public Health (Epidemiology stream)
b. Public Health (Clinical Epidemiology stream)
c. Public Health (Health Systems, Policy and Management stream);
d. Public Health (Health promotion and communication stream);
e. Public health (Environmental and Occupational Health Stream);
f. Master of Public Health (by Distance Learning)
g. Master of Bioethics
iv. Research group coordinators
v. Accounting and Logistics manager
vi. Students’ Administrators
vii. Communications Officer
4. Research and Training Faculty
i. Faculty members (who shall be drawn from the core academic staff of the University and shall be from relevant faculties in line with existing regulations of the University)
ii. External faculty (who shall be drawn from collaborating organisations and shall be required to pray roles assigned by the Director as consistent with the regulations of the University)